Here is a list of Frequently Answered Questions for Aloha Aquatics Association (AAA) team:

Q: Can I volunteer to be an Official at swim meets?

A: YES, we can definitely use more Officials to help with officiating Stroke & Turns, Refereeing, and more.  Check on requirements [HERE]. 

Q: What are the benefits of becoming an Official? 

A: You will help your team adhere to the strict ratio of one (1) Official to sixteen (16) swimmers and avoid penalties imposed by the HISI LSC.  Aloha Aquatics will also discount your swimmer(s) entries at the swim meet that you are Officiating.  We are working on additional perks, too. 

Q: Is there a glossary of swim terminology that is helpful to better understand club swim? 

A: YES, please see this [Link] for a glossary of helpful terms surrounding the pool, practice, and competitions. 

Q: Is your club a year-round swim team?

A: Yes, the AAA team practices year-round with the exception of the last two weeks in December for winter break.  Otherwise, we practice throughout spring break, summer break, and fall break. 

Q: Where does your club practice?

A: The AAA team currently has four (4) practice locations, one of which hosts the majority of Oahu swim meets.  We regularly practice at VMAC located at the Central Oahu Regional Park (CORP), Mililani Rec #6 pool, Wahiawa District Pool, and Waialua District Pool.  We are always looking for ways to expand to new regions in order to support your swimmers.  See our home page for the swim group practice times for each location. 

Q: Are there any age restrictions for joining the AAA team?

A: There are no minimum ages restrictions as long as the swimmer can follow simple commands and can proficiently swim all four (4) strokes at least 25 yards without stopping.  The four (4) primary strokes are Front Crawl (Freestyle), Backstroke, Breast Stroke, and Butterfly.  There are opportunities to swim with the AAA team following high school graduation.  We are here to help get your swimmer ready for collegiate tryouts, and graduates are always welcome to swim with the AAA team during college breaks as long as the USA Swimming membership is current.

Q: How do I join your club?

A: Submit a tryout request or contact our AAA team Registrar.  From there, we will work with you throughout the tryout process, USA Swimming membership, and AAA team registration.  For new swimmers or swimmers looking transfer teams, there is a one-time $25.00 account activation fee.  For current AAA team families looking to add siblings, there is a one-time $5.00 fee.  

Q: Does your club participate in local, national, international swim meets?

A: Yes, the AAA team participates in monthly local swim meets in varying competition levels.  For swimmers with qualifying times wishing to compete in champtionship meets or invitationals in the lower 48 states, the AAA team can facilitate entry and coaching support as available.  We have a very talented pool of swimmers, and we are always looking for opportunities to get our AAA swimmers on the international stage.  

Q: What are the costs associated with swimming for the AAA team? 

A: There are two (2) costs associated with swimming

  1. USA Swimming Premium Membership (~ $90.00/yr).  DO NOT register for Flex Membership, you will be limited to only two (2) meets.
  2. AAA Club membership dues.  The first swimmer is $100.00 (+$3.50 travel fee), the second swimmer is $90.00 (+$3.50 travel fee), the third swimmer and beyond will be at a further discounted rate (+$3.50 travel fee).  Please see the Parent & Swimmer Handbook for current year's membership rates. Membership rates are non-prorated. 


Q: How do I renew my USA Swimming membership? 

A: Please refer to this tutorial via USA Swimming: []

Q: Does your club have social / awards banquets?

A: Yes, the AAA team hosts at least two (2) awards banquets each year; one (1) following the short course season, and one (1) following the long course season.  In past years, the AAA team has hosted banquets at beach pavilions, community recreation centers, Dave&Busters, Wet & Wild and more. 

Q: My swimmer just turned 18 years old, can they still swim with the AAA Club?

A: Yes, your swimmer can continue swimming the AAA Club after they turn 18 years old and even after they graduate high school.  All swimmers age 18 years old and older must complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT) within their USA Swimming membership dashboard to keep their membership in "good standing."