Aloha Aquatics Association is a Speedo sponsored team.  We receive discounts and are provided periodic supplies that we distribute as they are received.  We encourage the use of Speedo equipment, but we ultimately support the swimmer's preference and comfort.  

What does my swimmer need for PRACTICE? (Must have for every practice)

What does my swimmer need for MEETS? (Must have for every meet)

  • A competition style suit - go to or Poco Loco AAA team website to view approved Team suits, bring a back-up suit
  • Goggles - highly advised to have a back-up set
  • Aloha Aquatics Team Cap - highly advised to have a back-up set
  • Sharpie pen to note Events/Heats
  • Personal water bottle/healthy snacks

Where can I order my items from? We are pleased to announce our new partnership with in making an official Aloha Aquatics Team Store page for our membership to provide an abundant selection from our team sponsor Speedo USA.

Tips and advice for navigating our swim outlet store page.

  1. Doesn’t matter the team suit as long as it’s green or black
  2. Suit must be Speedo brand which is all we are offering on the team store.
  3. Free Shipping for orders of $49 and 10% off first order
  4. Tie back suits are not legal for competition
  5. Tech suits for the boy’s side will be available starting in a week or two
  6. Custom AAA Logo Wear available online also, but note that custom orders take longer to arrive.

Equipment and bags are also available online. 

Team Vendor Poco Loco: AAA Logo Swimsuits/jammers, t-shirts, and additional equipment can also be purchased through this website. Training Aids (equipment) & Tech Suits can be purchased with a significant discount.

Bellamann Services of Millani HI: Offers pop-ups sales a few times a year for pre-order AAA custom merchandise, (i.e. t-shirts, hats, bags, hoodies, etc).  ** Please note that all items are preorder and all sales are final. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production after the store closes for production. - **

If you have any questions you may contact the Team Equipment Manager at [email protected].

UPDATE: USA Swimming Tech Suit - Age 12 and Under will no longer be allowed the use of Tech Suits for USA swimming competition.  If you have any questions please see your child's coach.